Pilllow Pouch



  • Volume: 500ml - 10L
  • Pack Speed: Max 20 packs/min

  • Application
    Dairy products, High protein products, Low-acid foods
  • Seal System
    Box Motion (Servo Motor Drive)
  • Package Format
    Pillow Pouch
  • Pack Speed
    A Type: 10L/Max 12 packs/min
    B Type: 5L/Max 20 packs/min
  • Additional Specifications
    Automatic film splicer
  • Packaging Material
    Laminate Film
  • Roll Film Wide
    A Type: 850mm B Type: 580mm
  • Product Pitch
    A Type: 580mm B Type: 500mm
  • Volume
    A Type: 2 - 10L B Type: 500ml - 5L
  • Power
  • Machine Size
    W5325mm x L4455mm x H4185mm
  • Machine Weight
  • Cooling Water
  • Option
    Discharge Conveyor, Printer, Inspection Camera, Specialized Shape of the Seal bar,
    Notch, Flow Control Equipment, etc.